Since our origin in 1955, our philosophy is people helping people. USDA Credit Union is an insured cooperative, owned by its members. Unlike a bank or savings and loan association, we are not for profit and are dedicated only to serving members who share a common bond. Our members pool their money to make their collective savings available for low cost loans to each member. Since we are not for profit, earnings are distributed to members either in the form of better rates on savings, lower rates on loans, or are invested in new or improved services for members.

You qualify to be a USDA Credit Union member, if you are employed by the United States Department of Agriculture in the state of Iowa, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., or LB & B Associates Inc., Retired employees of all groups can also join. As a member of the USDA Credit Union, your family is also eligible to join. You can open a share account with an initial $5 deposit. This deposit declares your membership and entitles you to take advantage of our many great services.